Remote Gate

Kids & Pet Tracker

Parents can put the device in the school bag of the kids and can know where the kid     is at any point of time. Kids can press a panic button of the device in case of any     problems and phone call will be connected to the parent's mobile and keep on dialing     till he picks up the phone. It's useful for corporate for tracking their sales staff. Its     useful for military persons as the commander will know the location of his personnel     any time when he is at battle field or  patrolling, It is also useful for police force to     track their staff and officers anytime they want. Application includes :Valuable         property, medical facility, electric facility, petro facility, Special professional personnel,     such as policemen, soldiers, prison administrators, security guard, etc. and     disadvantaged groups, such as elders, kids, patients, etc., also for outdoor-     sports     groups ,such as go-abroad, traveling and exploring, etc.









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