Remote Gate
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Slide Gate Opener


This kit will operate steel or wooden gates and can be fitted between or behind (or even in front of) the gate posts

  1. 1. Models available for gates upto 2000kg & 25 meter opening
  2. 2. With new wireless keypad the gate only operates with password set by you
  3. 3. Over-load and Over-heat protecting function by inbuilt thermal sensor.
  4. 4. Adjustable automatic return/stop for obstacle during gate in operation.
  5. 5. Manual opening of the gates in the event of power failure.
  6. 6. Automatically locks the gate and can only be operated by remote and key provided for manual operation.
  7. 7. Rotating/LED warning lamp for notification of gate in operation.
  8. 8. Auto closing gate delay time adjustable.
  9. 9. Operates on Remote(upto 20), switch & other access control system such as RFID, Biometric, VDP etc)
  10. 10. Environmental protection. working temp -20 to +50 degrees C., water resistant
  11. 11. Standard opening time to 12 feet gate 12 to 15 seconds.
  12. 12. Remote control operating distance upto 150 feet
  13. 13. You can use this motor with UPS.
  14. 14. Photocell to detect any obstacle and stop the gate operation.
  15. 15. All kits comes with a full warranty of 1 year and free technical help.
  16. 16. CE tests passed (European Standards)


What you get with the Sliding gate Kit

1. Manual release keys
2. Remote Controls
3. Flash Light
4. Instruction manual
5. Gear Rack (Optional)
6. Manual Switch (Optional)
7. Photocell (select models)
8. Wireless keypad (select models)


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