Remote Gate

Automatic Lighting

a) Automatic Day/Night Light Off/On switch

Street way Lighting
Building Perimeter Lighting
Outdoor Advertising Signs
Parking Lot Lighting

Features and Benefits:

Meet stringent utility standards for street& highway lighting.
Delayed response prevents false switching due to light from vehicles, lightning, etc.
Longer life extends the maintenance cycle for photocontrols mounted in difficult locations.
Positive electronic switching provides quick made/break of the load relay eliminating relay chatter
Regulated voltage and silicon photocell maintain accurate turn on /off points of the life of the control
Low power consumption through a unique regulator circuit. Resulting low internal temperature rise contributes to long life.l For safety reasons, the RYG photocontrols are designed to fail in the ON position

 a) Motion Sensor (PIR) Off/On switch

Motion Sensor Switch is electronic switch that applied in switching on/off for lighting and other devices, It works through detecting person’s motion which adopts proffesional RF & digital processing teniques to enable its high-realibility, low wrong motion detection. This device is widely used in lighting, automatic doors, sercurity and other fronts.


1.Wide detection zone.
2.Ideal for short period of illumination and also flexible for long time lighting
when desired. 3.Ideal for replacing manual switch in garages,store rooms or kitchens.
4.The light switch detects motion and activates light only in dark, if it is not
reasonably dark, light will not be turned on to save energy.







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