Automatic slide gate manufacturer
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Mobile App Bluetooth System

This kit will operate steel or wooden gates and can be fitted between or behind (or even in front of) the gate posts (Below are the standard features other models will have additional features )

  1. 1. This product is a 1/2 channel Bluetooth controlled relay module, It has a Bluetooth communication module.
  2. 2. This product supports Android and Apple phones. The hardware of Android phones must support Bluetooth 4.0 and the system must be version 4.3 or higher.
  3. 3. No Matching password is required. After installing the software, the phone can directly search out, connect with and control the module..
  4. 4. Application Available for both Android and Apple.

Mobile App VDP Operator


  1. 1. See who's there, from anywhere. With wide angled HD video.
  2. 2. You do not miss any visitors. wherever you are.
  3. 3. Answer the door from anywhere using your wireless video doorbell.
  4. 4. Waterproof IP 65.
  5. 5. with camera sensor for motion detection, you can select to snapshot or video recording when some suspicious things move in sensing area.
  6. 6. you can clearly see who is by phone, you do not miss any visitors.
  7. 7. WIFI Remote Unlock.
  8. 8. Transfer call if the visitor wants to talk to other user.
  9. 9. Support both Android and IPhone.




Gate Automation

Now Open your gates on one simple touch..

Door Automation

Access your door with password or card..

Curtain Automation

Control curtain on remote control..