Motor for Gates

Tubular Curtain Motor


Experience luxurious curtain control with superior performance, reliability and ease of operation. Electric curtain tubular motor can extend the lifespan of curtains by eliminating wear and tear associated with awkward manual operation. Installation is a breeze with a choice of low profile ceiling mount brackets or face fixing wall mount brackets the patented cover design conceals unsightly cables and protects the connectors and control modules inside the motor Our LivFuture powered electric curtain tubular motors are compatible with various types of controls from hand-held remote, wireless wall switches, table top controls, timers and third-party home automation system.

1. Electronic Memory limit function
The function can automatically cancel one day's moving trace, without manually setting the trace limit, extremely save the installing and debugging time, make the trace limit precise for long time.

2. Resistance and stop function.
The curtain will automatically stop when you pull the opening or closing curtains.

3. Light touch-start function
When you lightly pull the curtain towards one way, it will automatically move till completely open or stop.

4. Safety voltage function
Input 12V, make safe of the installer and users.

5. Built-in receiver function.
The function makes my company's motors be compatible to any other emitter, moreover, realize curtains be single controlled or group controlled.

6. Long lifetime, durable in use.
The System keeps stable by 15000 times testing , with high strength synchronous belt, anti-aging and acid-proof. 2 times a day, it can live for 20 years.

7. Power off manual function.
When power on or off, you can also lightly pull the curtain to realize opening /closing function, just the same as ordinary manual open-close curtains.

8. Silent design.
With sound insulation and noise reduction function, noise is below 35dB.

Rated output: AV220V 50/60Hz
Work power:145W at work, 1 W at Standby time.
Communication mode: Therefore wave type, distance is about 40m.
Product function: Remote control open/close, free location set etc.
Protection function: Overload production, over temperature production, motor rotation abnormal protection and so on.
Work temperature: 0~40C
Work Humidity: 10~90%RH (Shall no have condensation)

- Quiet, synchronous AC motor
- Flexible control option include RF, IR, switch or network
- Motors can pull draperies weighting up to 25kg
- Architectural head rail designed for height load-bearing application
- 5 years warranty*.






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