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Now Open your gates with the touch of a remote, read more......


Automation devices to turn your home/office into a SMART HOME


No need to worry about your home/office security any more..

Welcome to LivFuture

We are the smart choice when it comes to Remote controlled Gates, Home Automation & Security Systems. We have simple, easy to use systems to suit every BUDGET. With our clients in mind we have a number of products..

We are always happy to talk through your requirement with you.

Imagine pulling through your automated gates to see your drive and windows light up to welcome you home. Once inside the lights can change to suit any mood. Automatic systems to take care of almost everything in the house/office. When retire to bed you can switch off every light in the house from the one control next to your bed. At “Remote Gate” that’s what we call a good night.

Call or email us if you need assistance with any of our products /equipment for your home/office, or you're new project automation, - we would be delighted to assist!

Thank you for visiting.

New Products

Sliding Gate
SwingGate Operator SS 2005

Advanced microprocessor-based, 12volts DC motors eliminating the dangers of electric shock Uninterrupted service with rechargeable back-up battery for 72 hours, eliminating common problems of water getting into the motors.

Swing Gate Opener
Burglar Alarm System

The LivFuture Most Advanced and economical Burglar Alarm System is programmed to provide high levels of security against thefts, burglaries, intrusions etc

Swing Gate Opener
Mobile Phone Gate Opener

With the GSM GATE OPENER, you open and close your gate from your phone and just drive straight in. Let your phone be your gate's remote control. Eliminate the need and the expense of providing additional remote controls for everyone.

Wireless Keypad
Wireless Keypad

Provide additional security to your gate by access of your gate through unique password generated by you, so even if authorized person doesn’t have remote he can open/close the gate by entering the password